New Direct Route from TIANJIN PORT to South America Boots Convenient for Steel Toe Shoe Factory


The first new direct route from Tianjin Port to the east coast of South America has officially opened, which is good news for steel toe safety shoe manufacturers. This development is a major boon for GNZBOOTS safety shoe factory in Tianjin as it provides us with a unique geographical advantage. With this new route, we can ship steel toe water boots directly to Tianjin Port, streamlining the export process and reducing logistical complexity.

Previously, our impact resistant safety leather shoes were exported to South America, but we encountered challenges due to high sea freight, which made many of our products uncompetitive in terms of pricing. However, with the launch of this new direct route, we are ready to overcome these obstacles and strengthen trade in South America.
Meantime, we coincided with our participation in the 135th Canton Fair and meeting new customers from Argentina and Brazil. This provides us with a great opportunity to capitalize on the momentum generated by the show and export our products to South American market with new routes.


The geographical advantage of Tianjin, where our safety shoe factory is located, is a key factor in this development. The strong strategic location and the connectivity provided by the new direct route to the east coast of South America are a perfect fit with our business objectives. This enables us to offer safe guard working shoe at more competitive prices.

All in all, the opening of the first direct route from Tianjin Port to the east coast of South America is an important milestone for our safety shoe factory. It provides a promising way to strengthen trade ties and improve the competitiveness of Rigger Wellington boots and safety steel toe cap leather shoes with in the South American market. We are optimistic about the potential this development brings to our business and look forward to leveraging the new route to drive growth and success in the South American market.


Post time: May-14-2024